Anniversary Seminar

Tiimiakatemia 25th Anniversary Seminar celebrates the deeds and stories of Tiimiakatemia during the past 25 years. Tiimiakatemia is a pedagogy that has roots in Jyväskylä, Finland. It is a positive learning virus – the pedagogy’s variants have spread all all over the world. Tiimiakatemia is all about people and the organizations that have special way of thinking and being.  


In the seminar we’ll see flashes of fantastic learning history of Tiimiakatemia. Together we’ll create a painting out of Tiimiakatemia’s present and create a vision of its future.


All in all: It is a buzzing Seminar done in Tiimiakatemia way and style.



Seminar Schedule


9.30 Registration and morning coffee


10.00 Warm Welcomes!

Greetings from the City of Jyväskylä by Anna Sandelin

Welcome speech by Heikki Toivanen, Managing Director, Tiimiakatemia Global


Tiimiakatemia: Deeds and Stories – Where are we now?


 “We create brace teampreneurs! – Stories from Tiimiakatemia network” by representatives of Tiimiakatemia Jyväskylä, Proakatemia and Mondragon Team Academy.

“How do we achieve success with Tiimiakatemia Way” by representatives from business world: Roope Rämänen, CEO, Co-Foinder of Finnchat Ltd; Suvi Widgren, Managing Director and shareholder, EGG International; Jenni Holmén, Head of Development, mutual non-life insurance company Turva; and Jarmo Hyökyvaara, chairman of the board, The Orange Company Oy.


11.30 – 12.30 Lunch time!


Light and refresing lunch. Meeting people and networking.


12.30 Flashes on and Visions About the Future


Video greetings from Peter Senge, Tiimiakatemia Grand Ambassador, Senior Lecturer Leadership and Sustainability, MIT Sloan School of Management, Founder of Society for Organizational Learning (SoL)


Keynote speech by Johannes Partanen, Opetusneuvos (Counselor of Education), Head of Development of Tiimiakatemia Method.


Anniversary award gala: prizes, recognitions and accolades to users, developers and promoters of Tiimiakatemia Method.


Year 2037: Let’s create a fantastic tomorrow!


14.00 Goodbyes and taking steps in making brave deeds!



On Lunch

The lunch will be served by Art Catering company.

Menu: Fresh herb salad with roasted cherry tomatoes, chicken salad, toasted bell pepper and lime-youghurt sauce, spinach-feta cheese, sweet snacks with tea and coffee.

Lunch price 10 € (incl. VAT).


Dress Code

Business casual



Bilingual: Finnish and English


The Seminar is open to everyone and is free of charge. Lunch Price 10 €.

Please, register advange.


PLACE: Aalto-Sali, Väinönkatu 7, 40100 JYVÄSKYLÄ

DATE: Saturday, 20th of January from 9.30 am to 2 pm


What part of Tiimiakatemia story would you like to bring with you to the Seminar? You are warmly welcome!


Anniversary Seminar is organized by Tiimiakatemia Global, a company that trains team coaches. It promotes Tiimiakatemia® Method to all over the world and trains professionals from all walks of life to use it. Tiimiakatemia® Method is an education and development method that aims to create teampreneurs. Learn more about us:

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